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Let the worries with accounting to us. We are the accounting and consultancy company, which provides complex services in the area of a double-entry accounting, tax evidence and salary/wages processing. Another services relating to preparing of business plans and projects, overviews for company management needs, financial analysis, add-hoc analysis. 

Our priorities are orientation to the client, flexibility, confidentiality, responsibility, consistency and application of new technologies. You reduce many of financial costs with us, such are accountant salary, training costs, expenses for office requisites, energy, PC and software and you avoid the risk of penalties and stress. You can invest more efficiently the saved financial resources or increase the profit.

We provide:

  • keeping of double-entry accounting
  • keeping of tax records (former single-entry accounting)
  • accounting consultancy
  • tax return report, balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash-flow, annex, VAT declaration
  • summary for company management needs, financial analysis
  • making easier and reducing costs of your paperwork, liability and leasing records
  • complex processing of salary and wages agenda
  • travel costs
  • assuming of keeping accounts during the financial year
  • compiling mandatory statistical reports
  • restoration of accounting
  • supervision of your accounting
  • representation before authorities, financial authority, social security treasury and insurance

Accounting  |  Salaries  |  Representation before Authorities  |  Consultancy  |  Taxes  |  home

Salaries and Wages Processing

You can leave the care about the payroll accounting to us. We can assume all the payroll agenda and since on administrate all requisites relating to employment contracts, hiring and leaving of employees, calculation salaries and wages as well social security and health insurance contribution. We are able to enlarge the area of payroll accounting also about the part of human resources, i.e. consultancy by concluding of employment contracts and solving the labour law.

To our services in the area of salary and wages agenda belongs:

  • complex salary and wages processing of small and medium sized companies
  • including of variable salary and wages components (commissions, rewards etc.)
  • registration and cancelling of employees by health insurance and social security treasury
  • monthly reports for health insurance and social security treasury
  • registration forms, acknowledgements for labour authority
  • salary, wages and contributions payment orders, payroll sheets
  • data preparation for regular inspections

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Representation before Authorities

Free your hands and leave the comunication with authorities to others. Exploiting our services you avoid troubles and unexpected situations by communication with authorities. 

We provide for natural and legal persons:

  • representation before financial authorities
  • representation by inspections of contributions to social security treasure as well for healthcare insurance
  • support by required documents and documentation, preparation of correspondence – appeals, requests, registrations
  • representation before labour authority
  • representation before the Czech statistic authority
  • arranging for trading licence, records to commercial register
  • placing documents to the journal of documents

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Consultancy and Accounting Audit

We provide you a complex consultancy by solving your needs. We cooperate with distinguished law offices to assure service by making contracts to solve the labour-law problematics etc.

  • we propose and implement an appropriate system for effective management of your company
  • we make the necessary calculations, analysis and evaluations
  • we provide you a support by strategic or operative decision
  • we provide you an opinion of an independent consultant
  • we confer with you the required problematics to find together the best solution

In the cooperation with an auditor company we provide as well assuring of the audit. From the auditor services we provide the mandatory and optional audit of the accounting units according to the Czech legislation, extraordinary and current financial statements.

To our services in the area of audit counts:

  • mandatory and optional audit of the accounting units
  • validation of extraordinary and current financial statements
  • auditor reports for special purposes (validation of launching balances by company combinations, validation of selected data for bank institutes and regulation authorities and for selection process)

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The base of the tax consultancy is the complex service in the area of taxation of legal and natural persons, solution of the tax problematics including processing of opinions, analyses, processing of tax return reports to the all kinds of taxes as well subsequent representation before authorities. We advise you in the area of VAT, in the scope of Czech legislation so especially with respect to the regulations of EU. We provide services by registration of an abroad subject from EU region as well third countries in Czech Republic to VAT, submission tax return reports and summary reports for these clients and of course their representation before relevant Czech authorities.

To our services in the area of processing of taxes counts:

  • tax consultancy for entrepreneurs – natural persons
  • tax consultancy for legal persons
  • tax return reports VAT and income tax of natural and legal persons 
  • declarations of road tax, property tax, property transfer ect.
  • relating mandatory reports, summary reports, which are necessary to send to financial authority, reverse charge
  • postponement of submitting of tax declaration and postponement of payment of the tax
  • compiling of settlement of the income dependent work and post benefits tax of natural persons
  • compiling of withholding tax settlement
  • representation before the financial authority in common issues